Наша миссия

Продвижение основанной на фактических данных политики и развитие ценностей открытого общества


Providus is a public benefit non governmental organization. In cooperation with other think tanks in the Baltic Sea region, we aim to build a pan-Baltic network of public policy expertise.

Providus – ведущий в Латвии аналитический центр, основанный в 2002 году, который специализируется на исследовании и анализе государственной политики. Наша миссия – продвижение основанной на фактических данных политики и развитие ценностей открытого общества. Аналитический центр Providus является неправительственной организацией общественного блага. В сотрудничестве с другими аналитическими центрами Балтийского региона мы стремимся создать панбалтийскую сеть экспертов в области государственной политики.

PROVIDUS' impact and legacy

Since 2002, Providus’ impactful research and persistent advocacy has been crucial in establishing a well-functioning political party and election-campaign financing system in Latvia. Our expertise has proven indispensable to Latvian state institutions in developing legislation for citizen engagement at both the local and national level, for social entrepreneurship, off-the-courts settlements and victims’ rights.

We are the pioneers in Latvia for introducing idea crowdsourcing, e-campaigning, e-consultations and deliberative events with randomly selected citizens. Back in 2002, we created the first voting-advice platform in Latvia and have been upgrading it ever since.

We organize audience-engaging public discussions and events using interactive tools and media. We carry out public policy research, monitoring and evaluation, and advocate for public interests at local, national and EU level.

We advance citizen education on public policy matters. Providus launched the first Latvian database of public policy research and hosted politika.lv, the country’s most influential public policy media outlet. Our experts are the leading analysts and commentators on public policy issues in their respective domains.

We have a legacy of innovative approaches to governance, including interdisciplinary perspectives, data visualizations, tailor-made consultation formats, simulation games, artistic methods and others.

We have worked in Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Kosovo, Serbia and various countries in Central Asia, promoting good governance and anti-corruption policies.

We have implemented grants from the European Commission, OECD, UNHCR, Council of Europe, British Council, Germany Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Open Society Institute, European Parliament and OSCE, among others.

How can we help you?

  • Organizing stakeholder consultations, including interest groups and the broader society
  • Elaborating policy recommendations and promoting them among decision makers
  • Communicating your research to a broader audience
  • Performing evaluations and producing policy research in our spheres of expertise


The income of PROVIDUS comes from three main sources:

  • projects;
  • grants;
  • business activities (consulting).

The projects awarded to PROVIDUS as part of tenders take up the biggest share, though the income the organisation gains from consulting brings in the money it can spend freely.

The consulting involves preparing reports for the needs of international institutions, governmental bodies and private enterprises (e.g. European Commission, UNHCR, OECD), moderating and hosting events, and training courses. For more information about how PROVIDUS experts conduct training courses, please visit the website of PROVIDUS.

PROVIDUS in 2019
Incomes Total costs
305,725 euro 263,877 euro

In 2019, the biggest project providers and clients of PROVIDUS were:

  • The embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Latvia. — EUR 120,000 for two major projects: a project to promote participation in Latvia’s local governments, and an NGO training project (in conjunction with the Latvian Civil Alliance);
  • The Institute of Public Affairs (funding by the European Commission) provided EUR 55,437 for an asylum-seeker and refugee integration research project;
  • The European Parliament provided EUR 33,530 as part of a project/grant for discussions and courses about Europe and the European Parliament;
  • The Open Society Institute awarded a two-year ‘New Executives Fund’ grant of EUR 22,460 to internationalise the activities of PROVIDUS;
  • The Society Integration Foundation (NGO foundation) is a project supporting interests in the fields of activity of PROVIDUS. Amount: EUR 16,352.

Furthermore, in 2019, PROVIDUS had more than 20 smaller clients and project providers.